'Cat Falling in Four Poses' Woodblock Print


This is an exciting new development for us! We have teamed up with the talented Beijing artist Nicolas Nemiri, and produced one of his elegant designs as a woodblock print. 

Even better, this is the largest wood print featured on this website. Measuring 10" x 15", this is a full oban (large format) print!

Still more, the carving and printing were executed by one of our apprentice craftsmen, Stephen Winiecki from New York City. By purchasing this print, you are supporting our apprentices on their long journey to perfecting this craft, and helping to ensure the global spread of Japanese woodblock printmaking. (So thank you!)

I especially love how beautifully Nicolas Nemiri's spontaneous lines translate into woodblock prints. The gold highlights are also really fun. Both the artist and the printmaker did an amazing job!

Each print is numbered and block printed with Nicolas Nemiri’s signature. 

This design requires several individual impressions to achieve a full range of color. Stephen uses the finest quality of yamazakura (mountain cherry) to carve his printing blocks. The wood is capable of holding a very fine level of delicacy – every last detail is printed by the wood left standing, after the rest has been cut away.

This print is in the traditional oban format – 10 x 15 inches (25.5 x 38 cm).

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